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American Sign Language (ASL)Training


Workshop - Sign Language for the Workplace

For employers of hearing impaired or Deaf employees communication can be challenging.  To help meet those communication challenges, we have developed a sign language training class specifically for supervisors and co-workers of the hearing impaired.  This class allows the hearing person to convey necessary information for work related tasks as well as for emergencies.

This workshop has topics such as:

1.  Greeting people using sign language;

2.  The manual alphabet and using numbers;

3.  Making statements and asking questions;

4.  Giving directions and conveying distance

The workshop is two (2) hours and cost $59.00 per student.  (minimum of three (3) students)

Workshop - Sign Language for Emergency Situations

Organizations and schools prepare for emergency situations like fire by having fire escape plans and offer 1st Aid and CPR classes for medical emergencies but how would you communicate to a deaf person in an emergency?  We have the answer to that question in the form of a sign language workshop that will help in emergency situations when communication is so vital.  A sign language workshop for emergency situations.  This workshop has topics such as:

1.       Telling hearing impaired person(s) to contact emergency personnel (call 911);

2.       asking permission to administer or provide 1st aid;

3.       numbers for keeping track of times such as duration of seizures or calling 911;

4.       Conveying concerns and information to medical or emergency personnel when they arrive

The workshop is two (2) hours and cost $59.00 per student. (minimum of three (3) students)

Workshop - Sign Language for Stroke and Throat Cancer Victims

Many people who suffer a stroke or treatment for throat cancer (cancer of the pharynx, (throat) larynx (voice box) or tonsils) can lose their ability to communicate orally.  To help alleviate the frustration of not being able to communicate orally, we have developed a sign language class specifically designed for the needs of stroke and throat cancer victims.  It will allow the person to express their wants and needs to family and friends using American Sign Language (ASL).  Topics include but are not limited to:

1.       Communicating thoughts and concerns with family members;

2.       Asking questions and making requests;

3.       Cardinal and Ordinal numbers;

4.       Money numbers

5.       Conveying concerns and information to medical personnel

We encourage family and friends to attend the workshop as well.  This workshop is two (2) hours long and cost $59.00 per student. (minimum of three (3) students)

Workshop - Classes for Parents

To foster better communication among family members, basic sign language classes are offered to parents of Deaf or hearing impaired children to allow them to better communicate with their children.  The workshop covers daily activities at home and school as well as commonly used numbers.  This workshop is two (2) hours long and cost $59.00 per student. (minimum of three (3) students)

Children's Classes

Our teachers at the ASL Academy, feel a special mission where children are concerned. That is why we have developed three (3) workshops specifically geared toward children.  The classes include topics related to home life, school and sporting activities.   

Like our other sign language classes, the childrenís workshops are interactive in nature and teach children to sign in real time and real life situations.  This newly gained knowledge will give children the ability to communicate their thoughts and ideas about their daily events to teachers, friends and most importantly to parents who know sign language.

These workshop are two (2) hours long and cost $59.00 per student.

ASL Academy

The first of its kind in the Washington DC area, the ASL Academy is a finishing school for new graduates of Interpreter Training Programs (ITPs) or experienced interpreters looking to improve their skills in the environment they currently work in or an environment they would like to transition to. 

In addition to Sign language Interpreters, the ASL Academy is a unique resource for educational professionals that teach the Deaf or hard of hearing. 

Training programs include but are not limited to Educational Interpreting, Medical Interpreting and Interpreting in the Private Industry.  Each of the programs consist of several classes that focus on content specific to the environment.  For example the Educational Interpreting Program has several classes that focus on topics such as Science and Social Studies and the Medical Interpreting Program discusses the ten (10) systems of the human body. 

Each of the programs has several classes and the classes have two (2) parts.  The first part teaches the content associated with the environment and the second part teaches the interpreters how to translate content related to the program into the particular dialect the client prefers depending on the linguistic needs of the client. 

With the variety of programs, classes and workshops, interpreters and teachers are sure to find a topic that will enable them to hone and polish their skills as interpreters or teachers.


Prices subject to change with or without notice.

Group pricing available upon request.


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