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American Sign Language Classes

ASL - Level 1

This class teaches a student the basics of American Sign Language with topics that include: Deaf Culture, the manual alphabet, numbers, and colors. Students will also learn how to hold a simple conversation with a Deaf or Hard of Hearing individual. 

ASL - Level 2

Building upon the studentís skills from ASL Level 1, this class goes into more depth of the topics, such as, two and three digit numbers, vocabulary and teaches the student how to identify buildings, people and clothing.

ASL - Level 3

Taking the skill and vocabulary from the previous levels, students learn how to locate objects in a room, or house, how to sign money numbers as well as learning new vocabulary.

ASL - Level 4

Rounding out the vocabulary series is Level 4. Students will continue to build their manual alphabet skills as well as practicing the vocabulary they have previously learned. This class also teaches the student how to describe objects and activities that do not necessarily have a specific sign without the use of the manual alphabet.

ASL - Level 5

In previous levels, the focus was more on the basics of American Sign Language, but this level begins to focus on the studentís ability to participate in more extensive conversations and to tell and understand lengthy signed stories.

ASL - Level 6

This class starts to prepare the student to become a Sign Language Interpreter or a professional working with the Deaf.  It does this by focusing on extended conversations and stories.  Some of the topics include health and medical signs, vocabulary and content related to diseases, disorders and functions of the human body.





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