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Sign Language Interpreting Programs


Educational Interpreting Program

The Educational Interpreting Program consists of five (5) training classes. The classes include, general education topics as well as guidelines for interpreting in the educational environment.  In each of these classes the student will learn new vocabulary, as well as have the opportunity to practice expressive and receptive skills in a simulated classroom setting.

Medical Interpreting Program

The Medical Interpreting program as with the other programs, teaches the content in this case related to the ten (10) systems of the body as well as the more common medical terms and their meanings. The second part of the class the interpreters are taught how to translate the information into the different dialects of American Sign Language.  To practice what they have learned, a simulated medical environment will be established so that the student may put to use the terms and signs discussed in class.

Information Technology Program

In the Information Technology program, students are taught how to sign the most recent vocabulary words associated with the computing environment. Not only are the signs taught but the meanings of the computer vocabulary will be discussed as well. Having this knowledges allows the the interpreter to have a better understanding of the concepts and vocabulary used when interpreting Information Technology information.

Religious Interpreting Program

The Religious Interpreting program has classes that teach students how to function in a variety of religious interpreting roles. Not only do students learn religious vocabulary and songs, they are also taught how to establish and run a Deaf ministry in a church.  Students will also learn how to practically apply what they have learned in a simulated religious setting.




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