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Junior Interpreter Job Description

Duties and Responsibilities

The responsibilities of this position include providing sign language interpreting and transliterating services in a variety of settings and dialects with the assistance and guidance of a Senior Interpreter.  Settings include private industry, educational, and governmental.  Dialects include, but are not limited to, American Sign Language (ASL), Pidgin Sign English, (PSE) Signed Exact English, (SEE) and Conceptually Accurate Signed English. (CASE)


The person in this position will be responsible for using appropriate methods and techniques to convey information in both sign language and spoken English.


Maintain the confidentiality of all assignment related information including but not limited to information that is conveyed verbally, in sign language, and written forms.


Regularly attend relevant training workshops and classes to develop proficiency in both English and Sign Language.


Qualification Requirements


Applicants must be a U.S. Citizen and meet the following requirements:


Graduate of an Interpreter Training Program (ITP) and or an Associates Degree in American Sign Language Interpreting. 


Knowledge of American Sign Language, (ASL) Pidgin Sign English, (PSE) Signed Exact English, (SEE) and Conceptually Accurate Signed English (CASE)


Two (2) years or less of demonstrated experience signing and interpreting in multiple situations


Virginia Quality Assurance Screening (VQAS) Level 1


Ability to work with a variety of personalities and age groups


Ability to communicate orally and in writing




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