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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to hire an interpreter?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) states that organizations which receive Federal funding and private organizations which provide services to the public must provide equal communications access for all. The ADA further states that these organizations should hire sign language interpreters as needed in order to provide equal communications access. A sign language interpreter will reduce common language confusion or liabilities and make communication a pleasant experience for all.

Who is required to pay for an interpreter?

According to the ADA, all public and private agencies that provide services to the general public and employers with fifteen (15) or more people must have communications access.  Thus, the agency providing the access would also be responsible for payment.

How will I be billed for interpreting?

Interpreting services are billed at an hourly rate with a two (2) hour minimum. For assignments lasting longer than two (2) hours, a team of interpreters is required as interpreting is physically and mentally demanding.

Someone in my office knows sign language.  Can I have that person interpret for us?

When you pay for a professional interpreter, you get someone who is able to interpret with a high level of proficiency in English and American Sign Language (ASL) as well as someone who knows the Code of Professional Conduct that is adhered to by all professional interpreters.  Without the proficiency in both languages and the Code of Professional Conduct, you have no guarantee of accuracy or confidentiality.

How far in advance should I schedule an interpreter?

It's never too early to schedule an interpreter.  Often, the demand for interpreters exceeds the supply.  Because interpreters come to you, on your schedule, they must juggle many customer's needs to try to accommodate as many requests as possible. The further in advance you can plan appointments, trainings, or meetings where you will be using an interpreter, the better.

What should I expect from my interpreter?

Expect a high degree of professionalism and expect someone who is very proficient in English and ASL. Always expect someone that adheres to the Code of Professional Conduct and expect complete confidentiality on all your jobs.


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