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Interpreting Policies

Billing Rates

The following rates are per Sign Language interpreter and are valid within a sixty (60) mile radius of the Cookville, TN office.  All interpreting assignments are billed a two (2) hour minimum for each interpreter.


REGULAR BUSINESS HOURS - The Regular Business Hours billing rate is $174.00 for the first two (2) hours and $70.00 per hour thereafter, billable in fifteen (15) minute increments or fraction thereof. 


AFTER HOURS/ WEEKEND/ HOLIDAY RATES - The After Hours/ Weekend/ Holiday billing rates are $212.00 for the first two (2) hours and $89.00 per hour thereafter billable in fifteen (15) minute increments or fraction thereof. 


Business Hours

Regular Business Hours are Monday Friday from 8:00 AM 5:00 PM.  After Hours are Monday - Friday 5:01 PM 7:59 AM.  Weekend Hours are Friday starting from 5:01 PM and ending Monday at 7:59 AM.  Holidays are any recognized Federal government holidays.

Number of Interpreters

To ensure the occupational safety of our ASL Interpreters and to comply with government standards, all assignments over two (2) hours will require a team of two (2) ASL Interpreters.

Interpreter Assignment Sheets

To ensure accuracy of billing, each of the EnAbled Access Interpreters are sent to Interpreting assignments with an Interpreter Assignment Sheet (IAS).  The IAS has two (2) basic sections.  The top portion of the IAS has logistic information such as the location, date and time of the assignment.  The lower section of the IAS has a place for the on site Point of Contact (POC) to verify the date of service, the arrival time and the departure time of the interpreter(s) performing the Sign Language Interpreting Services.  Billing for the interpreting assignment is based on the information written by the on site POC.

Cancelation Policy

Cancelation of an interpreting assignment must be in written form and sent to EAI via email, fax, or the US. Postal Service.  A cancelation fee of $75.00 will be charged if written cancellation is made with less than two (2) full business day(s) (48 hours) notice from the date of service and scheduled time.  If cancelation of an assignment is performed with less than four (4) hours notice, a two (2) hour minimum will be charged.

Payment Methods

Payment can be in the form of Check, Money Order, Credit or Debit card.  Visa, Mastercard and American Express are accepted.

Rate Changes

These rates and policies are effective as of January 1, 2012 and are subject to change at any given time without notification unless a contract is in place.

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